“How to lead for depth in the shallows?” is the leadership challenge for many people today. I haven’t met an artist, a journalist, a teacher, a manager, a doctor, parent or researcher who doesn’t struggle with the shallows of the internet and social media. They all wonder how to keep their soul at work under the pressures of speed, connection & measurements. Slowing down, deconnecting, avoiding evaluations brings only temporarily relief. Successful people & organisations deal with the forces of this time and stay anchored and create depth at the same time.

Part of the answer lies in the quality of our communication. We communicate relentlessly. We update our statuses. We leave comments on blogs. We twitter & retwitter. We phone, skype and chat. We send mails with several accounts. We give presentations and lectures. We have meetings and work lunches. We organize dinner evenings or meet in movie theatres, pubs or sport events. We socialize at school gates, in the train or at the sports fields watching our children. All day long we communicate.

Imagine we could get more out of all this communication than we do today. Imagine that we would learn, relate and commit more during meetings. Imagine that casual conversations would turn into sincere dialogues. Imagine that we got more energy from all our communication.

Any comment?

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