… about inspiring your leadership.

Each thought has five assignments:

- 3 practical DO-tips
- 2 REFLECTive questions
- 1 question to ANSWER for YOURSELF
- 5 quotes you can SHARE
- 1 text to UNDERSTAND the ideas behind the leadership thought.

You unlock a thought by completing the five assignments. This takes time! One thought per day is probably a good tempo.

… a free leadership 360° tool.

After  you have unlocked the 19 stages of leadership, you can engage in the 19 thoughts 360°. You invite contacts of your choice to answer 19 questions about your leadership. The answers are immediate and commpletely anonymously avaible in your app.

… about research. 

Each thought is based on actual leadership research and best practices. Your use of the app generates data that we analyze in an anonymous way to improve our understanding about how leadership works all over the world. With this knowledge we will be able to keep on improving the 19 thoughts app.

… about community.

We want the app to grow. We welcome your feedback on this page. Positive or negative, general or detailed: let us know what your user experience with the app is. Thanks in advance !

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