Verticalists find that they are more important and can make people do things “because they are higher up the hierarchy.” Hierarchy or authority are sufficient reason for them to command, control, direct people. Horizontalists don’t find they are more important because they lead people. For them free will, contribution, collaboration, dynamic, entrepreneurship is key.
Typical statements of verticalists are:
“There must be unity of command.”
“You have to listen to me because I’m your boss.”
“As a leader, you have to keep distance from your people.
“You need my approval to talk to someone from another department.”
“I want to see and approve the last version.”
“Criticism is allowed. Indoors.”
“When the going gets tough, someone needs to take the decisions.”
“I’m paid to be the boss.”
“People need leaders.”
Especially the last sentence is vicious. Vertical thinkers make people dependent by using authority. And then they rationalize their authority by criticizing the dependant behavior of people.
Any comment?

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